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  • Garden Center 2020... engaging the customer

    by John Stanley My conference presentations and workshops ar present are focused on what garden centres will look like in 2020. For certain they will look completely different than they do today and we are only looking six years into the future. 

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  • Happy Earth Day!

    Lucky for us Earth Day is everyday. We are outside planting, sowing, teaching, growing and enlightening people with what we produce, maintain, build and share everyday. It is rewarding work done by dedicated individuals who genuinely enjoy the wonder of nature and the pleasures of gardening.

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  • HB 2493 Signed by Governor Inslee

    On Friday, March 28, 2014, Governor Inslee signed into law legislation that WSNLA worked hard to pass during this year's short legislative session. The bill, which addresses land primarily used for commercial horticultural purposes, clarifies and updates the definition of farm and agricultural land as it is used under the property tax open space program.

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Help Your Customer Reduce Water Use by 10%

Seattle, Everett and Tacoma are asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 10%. Our industry is poised to help achieve this goal. Be sure to remind and recommend wise water use services that help your current and potential clients achieve a 10% water use reduction. In addition, share water saving solutions generously with your customers and clients. Here are two resources to for your use to share with your customers and client communication channels.
WSNLA  is an active stakeholder on the Water Shortage Advisory Group initiated by Seattle Public Utilities and will continue to be a part of the conversation as we move through a dry year and look forward to a similar year in 2016.

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